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Worst Album Covers (weekly)

It’s May break here in China so I’m a little bored. I’m making this post on a whim so I can’t guarantee it will actually be weekly, but w/ all the no-talent hacks out there I’m sure there will be plenty of material to keep it going.

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to some bad record covers from the 60’s-80’s and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed them. This gave me an idea; dozens of major releases come out each week from ‘artists’ in all genres and thus album covers. Considering that 90% of the music that comes out each Tuesday sucks, I’m guessing there’s horrible album covers ‘aplenty’! So this is the first installment; I’ll pick the worst album covers of the week and then maybe throw in a classic from the 90’s-present.

5. John Tesh, perennial purveyor of poor taste, brings us this new gem. If you look close you can tell that the girl is either photoshopped or a vampire.

4. I HATE these kinds of album covers! Pink Floyd did this kind of album cover well and Dream Theater has been trying since. Now we have this new pack of weirdos, Young Galaxy, out there picking up the torch.

3. This was obviously done on purpose; nobody makes an album cover this bad on accident. So because this putrescence was done as part of their schtick, I only put it at #3.

2. My only mentionable thought on this album cover is that I'm so glad I'll never hear the nuevo Boy George music!

1. Congrats goes out to Kelly Marie for winning the first Worst Album Cover! If this album came out in 1988 we wouldn't be discussing it. Not b/c I'd be nine and Al Gore hadn't invented the internet yet; it wouldn't be horrible in the 80's b/c it looks like it is from the 80's! I can't believe anyone allowed this to happen; where were her friends, the record company, her own logic?

A nice added bonus to this whole thing is that I’ll always know when new albums (by artists I like) are coming out.

As for an old classic, try this hot pile dropped by Scott Stapp. It doesn't get much worse than this steamer!

photos came from Amazon.

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Mat Brewster said...

I've got to get me that moderatu (or whatever they're called) album. They look awesome!!!!!