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From the www, Vol. 9 - Icky Thump

Bet's brother posted the new White Stripes video over on his site and guess what, it doesn't play in China. So I jumped over the youtube and it wasn't up so I just got all frustrated and pissy that I don't get to see their new video.

back ground info:
a. I LOVE the White Stripes
b. They make great videos
c. Their new song rocks

A month or so ago I heard their new song and thought "I should talk about this on my website" but I can't for the life of me find a music player that works on a blog site, suggestions are welcome. So I got this idea yesterday to make a bare-bones video for this song and put it on youtube so that my 'vast loyal reader base' could hear it. (ya right, there's like four of you) It only took a little while to make the video and put it on youtube. That was last night so before I posted it on here I decided to give youtube another try and WAH-LAH, there it was.

Things you should know before you watch this:

If you have strong opinions on immigration, don't get all up in arms; I think the song is more about a singular incident they might have experienced (or thought up) during their crazy South American tour. It seems to be more of a story than anything else. But ya, it has some other themes that I don't really care that much about so I'll just enjoy the rock.

That weird bagpipe/Indian sound (other than the keyboard part) is from a guitar pedal effect.

Icky Thump

The new album comes out June 19 and its gonna be good. (understatement)


Mat Brewster said...

Insanely cool song and video.

kellieja said...

Might be able to find you a music player that works

kellieja said...

I had one on my site that worked. It was through stickam.com but it worked on my page before they changed blogger so not completely sure if it still works. It should though.

kellieja said...

Yep the stickam.com player works still. Not sure if that is what you are looking for but their site hosts the music for you so it makes it easy to upload songs.