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Best Of The Month (April)

To make life easier on those that come to this site in the future, I'm starting a 'Best Of The Month' post.

Here's the best of April:

Barkley's 'Super Bulge'
Basketball Party
Peter, Bjorn, and John
BOTW - Pavement
BOTW - The Black Keys
BOTW - Sonic Youth
Barkley vs. The Skateboard
iPod Vending Machine
Sonic Youth Concert
Monkey Dog
The Black Keys Concert Webcast
Faculty Field Trip


Mat Brewster said...

Isn't that like everything you posted in the entire month? Glad to know everything you write is the "best."


The Bates Dynasty said...
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The Bates Dynasty said...

hey, back off mister!(j/k) it's half my posts this month and i just do that so my grandparents and family can navigate the site easier.

and i plan on doing more posts in the future months so 10ish is ok.

Mat Brewster said...

Yeah, I'm sure your grandparents love reading abotu Pearl Jam every other day!

Nah, man, I dig that you're blogging now and writing about music a lot. You tend to dig the heavier stuff than I do these days but it's nice to be reminded that I need to rock out every now and again.

The black keys are coming to indy in a month or so. You should come down.