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BOTW has died, I think...

Ok band of the week has been missing for three weeks now; I think BOTW is dead. If you happen to see him, you might want to run b/c he'll eat your brains...

I'm just joking; but BOTW is dead. Don't get out the paddles and yell 'clear', or tear your clothes and put on sack cloth and ashes, just yet; I'll still be spotlighting great bands in the exact same format.
(Don't you all just love when I pretend that there's actually people that read/care about this blog?)
Back to BOTW; I'm just killing off the 'weekly' portion of the whole thing b/c the stress of posting weekly was shortening my life. (ya right)

In the meantime this will mean more 'From the www' posts b/c there's a lot of times when I find a good video or some album news that I save it for a BOTW post.

So lets 'poor some for the hommies' and cherish the times we had w/ him; besides, there's always memory lane over on the right in the 'previously mentioned nonsense' section.

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Mat Brewster said...

Hahahahah! Man, weekly posts are insanely hard. Finding anything to say at all on a regular basis is hard, and then trying to say something that fits into a little niche regularly is nuts.

If you ever want to try to find more readers let me know and I can give you some info. I get about 300 unique visitors a day, which is tiny when you think about it, but not bad for a nobody who doesn't actually advertise.