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The Bates Dynasty has moved

So I finally took the plunge and setup a website.

I like blogger and could have happily continued to use it as an acceptable blog, but China keeps blocking it and it's just getting annoying.

So I have a fully functioning website now that should be regularly updated and even have lots of media, like photos and videos, hardwired right in.



Also, if anyone has a clue how I can import some of my blogger posts into my .mac site, let me know...


Quick History (from an English major)

Little known fact:

Native Americans were known to enjoy ping pong; some even believe they invented this beloved sport.

Ball: Inflated fish bladders, sun-dried for precision.
Paddle: White Oak tree bark; indigenous to North Florida, known for it's strength and light weight.
Table: Buffalo hide stretched between four rocks.

Don't believe me?

Chief 'Stands With Paddle' - 1735

Photo by MOGO


Quick post

Bet had a nail chip today and it looked like Bobby Brown's hair cut. Sadly, I couldn't get a good picture of her nail, but trust me, it was awesome!


From the phone, Vol. 3

Public safety is, naturally, very important in a city of 20+million, but how do you 'ring the message out'? Well, Shanghai has recently began a new campaign on it's subway system to promote awareness of some simple measures we, the people, can all do to make this beloved city a little safer.

Safety tip #1:

See, I never would have thought that there was an epidemic of people recklessly trying to take on a whole train by themself. But thanks to this safety tip; Bet is prepared for the fight! (and happy?)

Safety tip #2:


Thanks UMTBSPSB! (The Urban Mass Transportation Branch Shanghai Public Security Bureau) These guys have come a long way since their days of 'Mind Your Head'!

From the phone, Vol. 2

Some of you may have noticed that I often post in bundles. That's b/c I finally get around to posting one and then I remember a couple other things I had thought about posting; wah-la, bundle-posting! (I just created that name, it's not great but it'll work)

So this is easily my favorite phone-photo that I've ever taken. These are the only kinds of moments where I think "I'm so glad I have a camera in my phone." This poster only lasted about a day before someone finally noticed why some people were stopping and laughing. Can you spot the mistake?

Still perplexed? I'll give you a hint; there's a letter missing somewhere.

Don't read below if you've still not found the folly.
I've made a lot of dumpings in my life but never once thought about recycling one!

I'm sure they meant well, but 'free' is still too expensive for a lesson from this bunch. And 'survival'? I've seen a lot of those Nat Geo 'seconds from disaster' shows and I don't remember 'eating your poop' being one of the 'survival tips'. So, even though it's free, I'm going to have to pass on this opportunity to 'try the dumping made by myself.'!

What are they talking about?
If you're unfamiliar w/ Chinese cuisine; this should read 'dumpling', as in jiaozi, the famous Chinese dumplings. (they're really good; they don't 'taste like crap!')

Confessions of a Macaddict...

This is just a quick blurb...

Over the last two years I've completely become a Mac nerd, I can't help it, they're amazing!
I mention this b/c the only reason I am awake at 1:30a.m. is to watch a live blog following what's going on at their product launch today.

New aluminum iMacs, the best .Mac ever, and iLife '08 w/ some crazy updates!

Oh the joy!

Yes I'm lame, no I am not ashamed...

pics from Engadget

Brother/Sister-in-law(s) - revised

Two of my three brother-in-laws now live w/in a 5 minute walk from me. That's unusual but not unheard of. Add in the fact they're not siblings and the odds are a little stronger.

One's my sister's husband, Buster, and the other is my wife's brother, Mat {w/ one 'T'}.

But what really makes it unlikely is that I live in China. This might be the smallest demographic I'll ever squeeze into. Seriously, I wonder how many American dudes have two of their brother-in-laws, from different sides of their marriage, living w/in 5 minutes of them in a foreign country? Not that this is very interesting in any amazing way, I just realized that I was in this very select group and wanted to mention it.

Also, it should be noted, that these two guys are my only two regular readers here at Batesdynasty, so I figured I'd give them a hola!

But b/c Mat {w/ one 'T'} is currently new to China and w/o internet, and Buster is busy w/ his new daughter, I feel like I should take this opportunity to say something bad about them while they can't respond!

nah, I'm too nice...

(actually I'm just brain-farting at the moment and can't think of anything to say about them)


After posting this, I realized that my wife has me beat; she's only got two sister-in-laws and they BOTH live here. (married to Mat {w/ one 'T'} and Buster) Coincidentally, they're also both named Amy. Furthermore, one is Amy Beth and the other is Amy Elizabeth. I think Bet really is one-of-a-kind.