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What A Weekend!

I mentioned in the last post that we were going away this weekend to celebrate our five anniversary, here's how it turned out.

So we stayed in a 5 star hotel suite all weekend and it was AWESOME! We checked in late so they bumped us up to a more expensive top floor suite for no extra charge. The room was like an apartment, a super nice apartment!

We went to dinner at this little back alley place and it was so good; they gave us this private table in a window sill, really cool. The food was great and when we ordered desert they brought us a chocolate mousse cake for free. It was so rich we couldn't even finish a quarter of it.

What a great weekend!

Here's some pics from the weekend:


View of the city (a VERY small portion of the city) from our hotel room
(sometimes I forget that Shanghai has more people than Australia)

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Mat Brewster said...

Hey congrats! I forgot you guys got married just a couple of months before us.