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From the www, Vol. 2

this is The Black Keys and you can be assured that they will make 'band of the week' at some point. i think i listen to this band more than any other band due to the fact their songs are fun, up tempo, and rock my face off. (that last one was for MoGo)

but ya, this isn't a 'band of the week' post so i'll just get to the point; i came across this video today and it 'made my day.'

this is their newest single (off their newest album of course) but this version is live on 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien'

the youtube sound quality leaves much to be desired but the performance is awesome! WHAT A BEARD! i'd love a beard like this; he looks homeless.

enjoy (there is no 'or don't')

Your Touch by The Black Keys on Conan O'Brien

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