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Band Of The Week (April 8-14)

ok saturday is now my official 'band of the week' day. (it's actually friday night here but i'll be gone all day tomorrow)

in my last post i shared a recent video and mentioned that The Black Keys would eventually make 'band of the week'. well tonight i looked around youtube a little more and found some videos that put that last one to shame.

so, after 40 minutes of video watching, this week's 'band of the week' is The Black Keys. it was going to happen sooner or later, so i decided sooner is fine.

photos by spiderpops

i started listening to The Black Keys around the time i came to China. i saw them on Conan O'Brien the summer before i came here and later copied their first album from a friend of mine. in less than five years this band has made it's way into my top five and they might be the band i listen to the most.

this band is not for everyone; they make up tempo blues rock w/ a lot of groove and a lot of soul. it's like 50's blues w/ the growl of a 90's garage band; like jimi hendrix playing blues' standards in double time through a fuzz-box. these days there's a tendency for blues to be extremely, for lack of a better term, cheesy. look no further than recent albums by john mayer and, sadly, eric clapton. the Black Keys are anything but cheesy; their music is fun and soulful w/ a great beat.

The Black Keys are from Akron, Ohio; not exactly the kind of town you associate blues music. the band is made up of two people, Dan and Patrick, bringing instant comparisons to the White Stripes. while the two bands do have a lot in common, the Stripes run all over genres and the Black Keys are a one trick pony. this isn't a knock on them; they do one thing and they do it better than anyone else!

i'll skip a long boring history lesson and get on to the music. they've put out 4 great albums and a couple EP's so there's a lot to choose from. here's a few of my favorites that you can try. it's good clean rock that you can tap your toes to.

The Big Come Up:
Do The Rump
Count Down
Heavy Soul

Hard Row
Have Love Will Travel
Set You Free

Rubber Factory: (my overall favorite BK album)
All Hands Against His Own
Grown So Ugly
Act Nice And Gentle
10 a.m Automatic
The Lengths
Till I Get My Way

Magic Potion:
Your Touch
You're The One
Modern Times
Goodbye Babylon
Just Got To Be

most of these videos are live, so you may think they're a little too 'disheveled.' if so, try their studio recordings; you might like them a little better.

Your Touch (live in store, Nashville, TN.)


Stack Shot Billy (on Letterman)

Set You Free (live on Australian TV)

Thickfreakness (live on Australian TV)

10a.m. Automatic (video)

Have Love Will Travel (live in Akron)

Busted (live in Akron)

Heavy Soul (live in Akron)

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