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From the phone, Vol. 2

Some of you may have noticed that I often post in bundles. That's b/c I finally get around to posting one and then I remember a couple other things I had thought about posting; wah-la, bundle-posting! (I just created that name, it's not great but it'll work)

So this is easily my favorite phone-photo that I've ever taken. These are the only kinds of moments where I think "I'm so glad I have a camera in my phone." This poster only lasted about a day before someone finally noticed why some people were stopping and laughing. Can you spot the mistake?

Still perplexed? I'll give you a hint; there's a letter missing somewhere.

Don't read below if you've still not found the folly.
I've made a lot of dumpings in my life but never once thought about recycling one!

I'm sure they meant well, but 'free' is still too expensive for a lesson from this bunch. And 'survival'? I've seen a lot of those Nat Geo 'seconds from disaster' shows and I don't remember 'eating your poop' being one of the 'survival tips'. So, even though it's free, I'm going to have to pass on this opportunity to 'try the dumping made by myself.'!

What are they talking about?
If you're unfamiliar w/ Chinese cuisine; this should read 'dumpling', as in jiaozi, the famous Chinese dumplings. (they're really good; they don't 'taste like crap!')

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Hunter said...

Hi,Bet, did you tell them the mistake?