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I've been slacking

Bet's brother told me I'm slacking so I'll get back to business. In my defense, it's the end of the school year and not only was I trying to wrap everything up, I was also helping Bet get ready for her trip to grad-school.

For the next 6 weeks I have no excuse for not posting b/c Bet is in America and I'm off work, so if I don't post now, I'm slacking!

First off, as I just mentioned, my wife flew out of Shanghai today headed off to grad school at Wesleyan in Connecticut. It's gonna be really weird being apart that long, I don't think we've spent more than a week (total) apart since we were married 5 years ago. She was really nervous about leaving for a few reasons: She HATES flying, she's nervous about grad school, she's gonna be in a city she doesnt' know around people she doesn't know, and she's gonna be away from me. But she powered through all that somehow and got on the plane. I know she'll do great though b/c she is seriously the most amazing person ever born!

Next topic de-jour we have our Ping-Pong banquet, that's right, Ping-Pong banquet. This year we've had a weekly ping-pong night at my friends house and it was pretty successful. Basically, few of us guys would get together for pizza and ping-pong every Thursday night. One of the fab five wrote a nice little blog about our guy's night so I'll just link to his instead of typing it all out. You can find the post by John Taylor here. (if you're reading this in China you'll have to anonymouse that page) But back to the banquet; we went to an awesome restaurant w/ an awesomely bad name, Naked Cow. This place serves kind of like western tapas. All the men gorged on the feast and filled our bellies, we all agreed that it was possibly the best meal we had ever had in China!

Lastly, the WHITE STRIPES! So this won't serve as a whole album review b/c the jury's still out. My first impression is that it is a GREAT album! I don't know if it will dethrone 'Elephant' or 'Get Behind Me Satan' but even if it were their worst album, that's no insult, so far this band has done no wrong.

It's midnight and I'm unusually tired so I'm going to bed. I'll write more later.


Mat Brewster said...

I love it when i can control you.

I forgot bet was doing the whole grad school thing. I guess I'll be seeing her before you will. hahahahahaha!

I've only heard snippets, but the new Ryan Adams albums sounds awesome.

Mat Brewster said...

Bet's still gone, how's that slacking going?

Yeah, I'm a big slacker on my blog too, but at least I have the excuse of being out of town.

Mat Brewster said...

Hellooooo! Isn't your wife gone? Doesn't school let out about now? What else does a poor ex-pat have to do but blog blog blog?

Mat Brewster said...

Here's a story
of a blog called batesdynasty
it was put together with glory
but perhaps a tad too hasty

there were videos and pictures
and something called the white stripes
it was fun and a little demure
but as it turned out, nothing but hype